Brae Group has been appointed by Hansen Yuncken as the remediation contractor for a multi-story residential building located at 102-108 Liverpool Road, Enfield, under the NSW government’s Office of Project Remediate. Our primary objective is to replace combustible cladding with non-combustible alternatives, which is a crucial safety and compliance measure aimed at improving fire resistance and ensuring resident safety. As the contracting team responsible for these renovations, we are closely collaborating with facade engineers and architects to ensure that every phase of the project strictly adheres to rigorous safety standards and regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive approach includes meticulously removing existing combustible materials, safely disposing of hazardous substances, and precisely installing new, fire-resistant cladding materials. By strictly following safety protocols and building codes, our goal is not only to meet but also exceed current fire safety standards, significantly enhancing the safety and security of all residents.

The planning and execution of these efforts were meticulous, with a focus on minimising disruption to occupants while consistently maintaining high standards of quality and safety throughout the project’s duration.