The Brae Group team successfully completed a thorough façade upgrade for the entire circular complex located at 75 Darling Point Road, Darling Point. The twenty-story residential building, distinguished by its circular design and incorporation of glazed and masonry elements, posed unique challenges as it remained fully occupied throughout the project. Advanced rope access techniques were employed to access and work on the building’s exterior facades.

The comprehensive scope of works encompassed several critical tasks:

Concrete Repair 
Extensive repair and restoration of all facades to enhance structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Roof Top Waterproofing
Application of advanced waterproofing solutions to the rooftop area to prevent moisture ingress and ensure long-term protection.

Façade Painting
Complete repainting of the building’s exterior surfaces, revitalizing its appearance and enhancing weather resistance.

Sprinkler System Upgrade 
Install modernise sprinkler system to enhance fire safety measures within the complex.

These efforts were meticulously planned and executed to minimise disruption to occupants while meeting high standards of quality and safety throughout the project duration.